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We currently offer a bespoke transport service to school. This service is available in the following areas:

Transport arrangements

Parents to be asked to ensure that students are transported to and from school by recommended safe travel methods – walk, cycle, parent drop off.

Given guidance from WYCA students will be required to wear a face-covering on all buses unless exempted for medical or other reasons.

Students on buses will be advised and expected to sit in year groups.

First Busses to Rastrick High School

Click here to see what public transport options are available

Costs and payments

The current annual cost (Sept 2021) to parents for the transport service is £570 per year, payable in 10 monthly instalments, via ParentMail one month in advance. Please note this cost is reviewed annually and subject to a price increase in line with inflation. The actual Sept 2022 annual transport charge will be communicated in June when demand for the service has been finalised. The school is committed to offering a reliable and affordable transport offer to our families and as such the school heavily subsidises the transport service by £250 per child per academic year.  The contribution that families make to the provision ensures that service remains viable moving forward.

ID Transport Card

Transport passes will be issued to all students when registered on the transport service. These passes will need to be shown the bus driver when getting on the bus.

How to apply for the Transport Service for 2022-2023?

We will advise all Parents/Carers when you can apply for a place on our bespoke transport service.

Should you require any assistance, please contact us via email


How do I apply for my child to have a place on a transport service?

You will need to complete an online transport application form. This form has now closed and will be available again next year.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the service is £3 per day, payable for the whole year (regardless if your child does not use the service every day) for 190 school days this works out at £570 per year, this must be paid in monthly instalments.

How do I pay for Transport Service?

You will pay through ParentMail online system, every month you will be prompted to make a payment. If payments fall in arrears this will result in the provision being withdrawn.

What if my child lost their ID transport pass?

A replacement pass costs £2 via ParentMail