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Q. Why are you inviting the students up to Rastrick High School for 10 Days?

A. We want to give our students an even better transition experience, so they have a better understanding of the school, in terms of the site, routines and expectations and to further reassure every student about their move from primary school. It will give students an even greater chance to make friends and get to know more of their teachers before starting in September. Each student will follow a Year 7 timetable for that week to experience fully secondary school life.

Q. How do you decide which Form Group my child will be in?

A. This is a complicated process, using lots of information from your child’s primary school. We try to make sure every Form Group  is of mixed ability, firstly. We then listen to the primary schools about which students work well together and which students may benefit from being kept apart. We use all of the information we have on each and every child to make sure every form is equal and balanced and to give each child the best chance of success.

Q. Will my child be placed into sets for any of their lessons?

A. Yes, some subjects will set the students to ensure each individual can be challenged and supported in their learning to ensure they are successful. Core subjects and some other non-core subjects (for example Physical Education), will place students into sets.

Q. When will I find out what Form my child is in?

A. We will write to all parents/carers via email the week before the New Intake Parents’ Evening to inform you of your child’s Form Group and who their Form Tutor, Achievement Leader and Achievement Manager will be.

Q. Will I get the chance to meet my child’s form tutor?

A. On the New Intake Parents’ evening, all parents/carers will get the opportunity to meet their child’s Form Tutor and ask them any questions or raise any concerns.

Q. Who is my first point of contact if I have any concerns?

A. Initially, you should speak to your child’s Form Tutor. If they cannot resolve the issue, you may then want to speak to your child’s Achievement Leader or their Achievement Manager.

Q. What is an Achievement Leader/Achievement Manager?

A. Your child’s Achievement Leader is a teaching member of staff who has overall responsibility for the progress, behaviour and attendance of your child. The Achievement Leader will lead the year group and has overall responsibility for the year group. The Achievement Manager is a non-teaching member of staff who works with the Achievement Leader to support every child within the year group to ensure they make progress we expect and are successful throughout their time at Rastrick High School.

Q. How can I find out information about bus routes for my child?

A. Please visit click here to view timetables if you live on a school bus route (i.e. B10, B11 or C35). This website also has details of appropriate bus routes if you do not live on a school bus route. If you live in the Lindley or Northowram areas, we run a bespoke minibus service to cover these routes. If you would like further details, please contact Karen Petrillo on 01484 406370 or

Q. How do I pay for lunches and trips etc?

A.Before September, you will be asked to register with our Parentmail system so we can email and text you information from school.  Part of this system is +Pay, an online payment service which allows you to pay for school items such as lunch money, events, music lessons and trips on your smartphone, tablets or pc or on the free parent App.  For further information click here