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GCSE Results 2019

As another year ends and our year 11’s collect their well-deserved GCSE results, we take a minute to catch up with some of our hard-working staff, students and parents too. Here’s what they had to say…

Steve Evans, Headteacher said;

The GCSE results are very pleasing and demonstrate the hard work and dedication from both our students and staff. I have had many, many conversations today with very happy students and parents, who have recorded excellent GCSE results. The students have achieved the highest percentage of top grades ever recorded by the school. The commitment to their studies and support from parents has meant that all our students have been rewarded with results that enable them to move onto the next steps in their journey.

We asked YR 11 student Adeporoye Adebowale, how do you feel?

Very happy and shocked.

What’s next?

College to study Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Spanish.

What’s the long term goal?

Medical school.

Any advice for upcoming students?

Keep trying even when times are tough especially in core subjects. In the end, it is all worth it.

Adeporoye’s Mum said;

I am extremely proud of her results, but in particular, I am proud of her commitment to her studies and her dedication to achieving her fullest potential. She has been ably supported by teachers who recognised her potential and went above and beyond their duties to enable her to succeed – they pushed & cajoled her to aim high.

We asked YR 11 student Isabelle Hereford, how do you feel? 

Elated and shocked.

What’s next?

College to study Chemistry, Biology and Geography.

What’s the long term goal?

To become a vet.

Any advice for upcoming students?

Work hard, prepare and believe in yourself.

We asked YR 11 student Aaliyah Awan, how do you feel?

Very overwhelmed, proud and happy because I got the grades I needed.

What’s next?

College and A levels.

What’s the long term goal?

Optician or dentist, something in the medical field.

Any advice for upcoming students?

Don’t give up don’t lose hope believe in yourself.

 Aaliyah’s Mum said;

I’m so proud of my twins, they did so well and can head to the college of their choice. They exceeded all our expectations and Rastrick must take a lot of the credit. The teachers have been amazingly supportive, especially Mrs Daw who went above and beyond to support them.

Miss Daw – Year 11 Achievement Managers said;

It has been a pleasure being with the students this last 5 years.  They have grown into amazing young people and I am so proud and honoured in playing a small part of their lives at RHS. They have worked extremely hard and they should be pleased with their success.  The staff have been amazing helping our students to achieve. I would also like to thank the parents for their support over the years as this has helped our students achieve and it is important for building positive school/home communication. As a year group, we have some amazing memories that will stay with us forever. I wish every student success in the future and I will miss you.

Miss Mallett – Y11 Achievement Manager said;

I am so happy and proud of every year 11 student, they have all worked amazingly hard in what becomes a more pressurised environment year upon year.  Today is a very emotional day for staff, students and parents. It is a lovely feeling to see students achieve their goals it has been a pleasure to get to know them over the last 12 months.

Here’s a selection of photos from the big day.

Jamie Jenkins