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At Rastrick High School we pride ourselves on providing a challenging and creative education and children from all backgrounds are welcome and thrive here.  We want our students to be inspired and engaged in their learning, developing strong ambition and a determination to succeed. Everyone is encouraged not only to develop their own talents but also to contribute to the school, life in the local community and beyond.

Excellent teaching and learning is at the centre of everything we do and this is reflected in our exam results. We are incredibly proud of the dedication of our students and the staff who make this happen.  These results not only demonstrate excellent academic performance, but highlight the value we place on student progress, and the effort students put into getting there.

We pride ourselves on providing a calm and focused climate for learning. This is built on the key values of respect and responsibility and also on the belief that everyone at the school has the right to learn in a calm and safe environment.

The school supports and celebrates our student successes through the schools rewards system which is based on the key principle that we reward all students who make progress and contribute to the school community.

Our school community is an essential part of raising our children’s aspirations and the role parent’s play is integral and as such we ensure we have an open dialogue with parents around key issues in school, such as IAG (Information, Advice and Guidance), academic attainment, academic progress, attendance and the wellbeing and happiness of our students.