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We are reopening the school to Year 10 students from June 15. Please find all the required information below.

We are adhering to the government’s strategy for COVID-19 and the guidance from Public Health England on measures designed to control the COVID-19 virus. The provision will run alongside the existing curriculum already in place for vulnerable students and those children whose parents are key workers.

Our plan has been formulated with the central ethos that the safety of our students, their families and school staff is of paramount importance. The school has planned a provision which will enhance the school’s remote learning package, whilst also supporting the feedback students are already receiving from their teachers on the work they are completing remotely.

The provision for Year 10 students from June 15 will run as follows;

  • The school will be open to approximately 25% of Year 10 students per day
  • Students will need to make their way to school via an appropriate and safe method of transport – walking, cycling or being dropped off by a parent. The school will not be running its bus service and parents will need to contact First Bus and Tiger Bus to review the local authority services
  • Students will be timetabled on a staggered start from 8:45am (the specific time will be allocated to your child and sent to you via parent mail next week)
  • Students, where possible, will be taught by their class teacher in groups of no more than 15 students
  • Each group will attend school for two half days per fortnight
  • These fortnightly, half day sessions will consist of one-half day of core lessons (English, Mathematics and Science) and one-half day of their option choice subjects. These lessons will support and complement the on-going home learning provision already in place.

The school’s expectations of Year 10 students attending school from June 15

  • Students will need to bring their own equipment and be in appropriate clothing (students are not required to wear school uniform)
  • Students will arrive from 8:45am on a staggered start, going straight to their lesson
  • Students will have handwashing/sanitizing facilities available to them in all areas of the school. The students will be responsible for maintaining good hygiene throughout their time on school site
  • In classrooms, students will sit one student per table and 2m from other students
  • Students will need to move to lesson 1 via the one-way system walking on the left
  • At the end of lesson 1 students move to lesson 2 via the one-way system, as above, adhering to 2m distancing
  • At the end of lesson 2 students will go to the covered outdoor area for a 15-minute break – they will be provided with light refreshments and be supervised at all times
  • At the end of break students will need to move to lesson 3 via the one-way system, as above, adhering to 2m distancing
  • At the end of lesson 3 students will need to exit via the student exit at 12:15pm

Please do take the time to look at the documents listed below.

We look forward to seeing your child again soon