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At Rastrick High School, we seek to ensure that all our students receive a full-time education which maximises the opportunity for each pupil to fulfil their potential.

We encourage every student to attend school on time every day, and aim for 100% attendance, with no less than 97%, to ensure that they gain the most from their education. We want every student to benefit from the learning experience at Rastrick High School. We want to work with parents/ carers to enable our students to achieve this and offer families the support to avoid any unnecessary absences.

In the rare case of illness, you must inform the school by either ParentMail or by telephoning 01484 406381 as soon as possible on each day of absence and indicate the specific reason for the absence.

Please be aware that we cannot authorise days of illness in advance, so please ensure you contact school daily. Students should only be absent in unavoidable circumstances.

Student attendance is monitored throughout the year by Achievement Teams and Attendance Team. Students with attendance below 90% are classed as persistence absentees (from September 1st 2015) and are missing a high proportion of school days. Extended absences will disadvantage your child’s progress and achievement.

We try to avoid this by offering support to students whose attendance falls below our minimum expected 97%. We may contact you by letter, telephone, invitation to come to school or home visit, to discuss strategies to improve your child’s attendance if we have concerns that their attendance falling too low.

Please avoid booking holidays within school term time. Dates can be found here. We do not authorise holidays taken within term time, except in exceptional circumstances. If you believe your holiday to be under an exceptional circumstance, please complete a holiday request form addressed to the Headteacher.

If you do choose to take your child on holiday during term time, please inform the school beforehand by completing a holiday request form addressed to the Headteacher.

Please note, we should not be expected to class any term time holiday as exceptional as we do not encourage extended absences from school, as this will negatively impacts student’s achievement and progress.

Students are expected to be on the school site at 8:45 am. Our first bell sounds at 8:50 am where students make their way to Period 1 for a prompt 8:55 am start. Any student who arrives after 8:55 am is late. If no genuine reason is evidenced on arrival students will be electronically signed in and will receive a behaviour point for punctuality. This will be recorded through class charts and will automatically send a notification to yourselves as parents/carers along with relevant staff in school.
If there is a genuine reason for being late (e.g. medical appointment) then an appointment card/letter should be brought in by your child as evidence. In this instance, no behaviour point will be recorded. In addition, if the school bus is late then no behaviour point will be recorded.

Our system around being late to school is as follows;

  • Punctuality 1 = Reminder from achievement team + behaviour point.
  • Punctuality 2 = Warning from achievement team + behaviour point.
  • Punctuality 3 = One-hour Friday after school detention + behaviour point.
  • Punctuality 3+ = One-hour Friday after school detention + behaviour point.

This system re-sets every half-term. However, if your child reaches 10 punctuality points in total over the course of the academic year, then parents/carers will be required to attend school for a meeting with your child’s achievement team to agree an action plan to improve punctuality.
Please note, throughout each punctuality stage conversations will take place with students and when appropriate yourselves as parents/carers to avoid any further lateness. Additionally, relevant achievement teams may deliver necessary interventions to support students with their punctuality. A minimum 24h notice will be given to students placed on Friday night detention. Failure to attend the detention will result in student achievement teams using further sanctions in line with the school behaviour policy.

Late to lesson

At Rastrick we place significant emphasis on engagement to learning and research shows the start of lessons are crucial for students to settle into their work and study. Therefore, punctuality to every lesson is of paramount importance. We do not expect any student to be late to lesson throughout the school day.

Our system for being late to a lesson is as follows: If a student be late to lesson with no genuine reason then appropriate sanctions and conversations will take place. As of September 2019, class charts will also be used for recording lateness to lessons. Subject teachers will also deploy appropriate sanctions and have dialogue with students to ensure it doesn’t happen again.


We believe in promoting high standards through students’ rights and responsibilities which form the nucleus of the Rastrick High School community.