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Students are encouraged to look after their personal property by using an appropriate school bag. Items such as radios, electronic games, MP3 players, electronic equipment and any other expensive items are not allowed in school.

On the rare occasion when a student has to unavoidably bring a valuable item into school, it must be left at either Student Reception or the year group office for safekeeping. When taking part in PE or any enrichment clubs either before/after school or at lunchtime, wallets, purses, watches and mobile phones should be handed to the teacher in charge at the beginning of the lesson for safekeeping.

The school cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to any items.

All mobile phones must be switched off and put away for the duration of the whole school day, whilst students are on school site, which includes before and after school and during break and lunchtime. Any student seen with a phone in the school building or site will be asked to hand it in to a member of staff, who will then hand this phone to the relevant Year Office. The phone will be turned off and placed in a secure place.

In the first instance, students will be able to collect their mobile phone from their Year Office at the end of the day, however, for repeat offences, the student’s parent or carer will be required to collect the phone from school 24 hours later.

The same applies to all electronic devices (e.g. iPads) and portable music devices including accessories (e.g. earphones).

There are legal implications concerning mobile phones and electronic devices which take photographs. Students are not allowed to use these devices as cameras/video recording devices.

We recognise that there may be emergency situations when a child needs to contact home and this can be done in school either via the Student Reception staff, or Year Offices. If parents/carers need to contact their child/ren urgently, they should do so via the Student Reception which is staffed throughout the day.

Students are discouraged from bringing large sums of money to school. They should bring no more than the amount needed to pay for transport to and from school.

Rastrick has implemented a ‘cash-less’ payment system so that parents/carers can pay online for school meals, trips, etc.  A unique code for internet payment will be provided once your child/ren starts at RHS.

Please remember that students are responsible for looking after their own property. Inevitably, items are sometimes lost and to ensure the return of such items, we request that all possessions, including clothing, are named. Lost property should be handed in at the Student Reception. If a student loses any items, s/he should enquire at the Student Reception or the appropriate Year Group office. Unmarked items are placed in lost property and held for a reasonable length of time. An email will be sent via ParentMail advising parents of times when lost property items are to be disposed of.

Remember: students are responsible for looking after their own property.