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Welcoming you to Rastrick High School

When we speak to children in Year 6, they often focus on the size and scale of our school. It’s as if they can’t imagine feeling at home here. We certainly understand these worries, but we’re confident that dealing with them early on leads to a successful and seamless transition.

We are working hard to create lots of information and resources to help prepare you for the transition to Rastrick High School. Keep an eye on this page as we are developing it at the moment. There are lots of staff here ready to support our students in this move and we can assure you (and your Parents/Carers) that we have lots of experience in ensuring that the transition is fun. You will settle quickly into life in Year 7!

Watch our video to have a look around Rastrick High School.

Meet the Year 7 Form Tutors

We have put together video interviews with each Form Tutor. Get to know your Form Tutors by clicking the link below.

Virtual lessons

Our amazing teachers have created virtual lessons for you to enjoy. Head on over to get involved with our Rastrick lessons.

School day

Want to see how the school day works? Check out the transition timetable below.

School catering

Want to see what the food is like? How lunchtimes work? Click the link below.

Standards and Rewards

At Rastrick, we endeavour to create a culture that allows the school community to strive towards ‘chasing perfection and catching excellence’ in everything it does. To find out more, click the link below


We deliver a high quality and diverse curriculum through outstanding teaching and learning. To find out more click the link below.


As well as the buses operated by First Bus to our school we also offer a bespoke transport service too. To find out more click the links below.

School uniform

Have a look at our school uniform, authorised stockists and our uniform policy.


Have a virtual look around our Learning Centre and get to know the team and our Special Education Needs Coordinator. You will find information designed to help students who may need support during the transition process. It should help to familiarise them with our school, answer questions and it shows what support is available to help.

Extra curricular

Have a look at one of our extra curricular timetables by clicking the link below. We have also put together a short video for you too, check it out.


We offer instrumental tuition on violin, woodwind, brass, percussion, piano and guitar. We have fantastic choirs you can join at no charge. have a watch of our recent adventure to the Royal Albert Hall.