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The school is well served by bus services from all parts of Rastrick and Brighouse operated by First Bus and there are direct services from Halifax and Huddersfield:

  • B10   Huddersfield to RHS
  • B11   Bradley to RHS
  • C35   RHS to Halifax Bus station (operates PM only)
  • 549 Halifax Bus Station to Huddersfield Bus Station
  • 548 Halifax Bus Station to Nunnery Lane

Metro advise that all students purchase a Young Persons PhotoCard which allows half-fare travel for all 11-16-year-olds. These are free and available online or from a Bus Station Travel Centre. Furthermore, if you are worried about finding enough change for a bus fare every day- consider purchasing a School Plus MetroCard, which can be used in conjunction with a Young Persons PhotoCard. MetroCards are available as weekly or monthly passes

The Young Person’s website is the one-stop shop for the most up to date services,  news, tickets and lots more. However, if you do have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the education transport team at 0113 348 1122.

If your child currently travels to school by a dedicated service bus or is due to start secondary school for the first time in September 2020 and intends to use the school bus service, you will need to apply for a bus pass.

To Renew/Apply for a-

ZERO FARE PASS: if eligible under Calderdale’s Home to School Transport Policy, please apply from the 2nd March online via;

 FARE PAYABLE PASS: please apply from early April direct to Metro via;

Transport arrangements may not be guaranteed for the start of the new school year for applications received after this date.

If the services listed do not serve your area, a normal service bus may be the best option.

For information on non-school buses, you can visit or ring Metro Line on 0113 245 7676 between 7am-10pm.

For information about the late running of public services and lost property, please call:

0345 646 0707

Option 7 – for an operator who will advise how late the bus is running

Option 5 – for lost property

If you are new to public transport, it’s a good idea to find the stop you will be using so you are confident you know where to go on your first day.

Make sure you have the correct pass and or money.

  • Remember to signal to the bus by putting your arm out as soon as you see the correct bus. If you don’t signal to the driver they will not stop.


  • Queue sensibly, away from the road;
  • Get on the bus calmly, without pushing;


  • Remember to show your pass to the driver (where applicable);
  • Find a seat and stay seated for the journey. If there are no seats, hold onto rail

(Where standing permitted);

  • If the bus has seatbelts, they must be worn;
  • Do not distract the driver unless in an emergency:
  • Do not damage the bus or interfere with the cctv or any other safety equipment;
  • Photos should not be taken without the prior consent of the person(s) concerned;
  • Always behave sensibly throughout your journey;


  • When your stop is next, ring the bell once.  If it has already been rung, you do not need to ring it again.
  • If you have to cross the road after you get off the bus, wait until the bus has moved off and you can see the road clearly in both directions, or go to the nearest available crossing.

Bespoke transport service to school

First Busses to Rastrick High School

Click here to see what public transport options are available

Costs and payments

he cost of the service is payable for the whole year (190 school days, even if your child does not use the service every day). Payment options below are available through ParentMail.


Option 1:

Monthly payment contract (12 months)

£80 booking deposit

Followed by 11 monthly payments of £65.45.

Total Paid – £800


Option 2:

Annual upfront payment contact (10% discount)

£80 booking deposit

£640 by 31st August 2023

Total Paid – £720


Option 3:

Sibling discount 10% – monthly payment contract (12 months)

£80 booking deposit

Followed by 11 monthly payments of £58 per child.

Total Paid – £720

ID Transport Card

Transport passes will be issued to all students when registered on the transport service. These passes will need to be shown the bus driver when getting on the bus.

How to apply for the Transport Service for 2023-2024?

We will advise all Parents/Carers when you can apply for a place on our bespoke transport service.

Should you require any assistance, please contact us via email


How do I apply for my child to have a place on a transport service?

You will need to complete an online transport application form, please email to express your interest in a place.

How do I pay for Transport Service?

You will pay through ParentMail online system, every month you will be prompted to make a payment. If payments fall in arrears this will result in the provision being withdrawn.

What if my child lost their ID transport pass?

A replacement pass costs £2 via ParentMail