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Cookies Policy

Please Note: This cookie policy applies to both the School Website and the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

The Rastrick High School website and the Rastrick High School Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) use cookies in certain areas. This section provides you with additional information on what you need to know about cookies, and how you can manage, change or remove them should you wish. If after reading this, you continue to use the Rastrick High School Website and the Rastrick High School VLE, we will assume you are happy to continue receiving all cookies from the website and VLE.

We may change/update this policy from time to time by updating this page. You should check this page from time to time to ensure that you are happy with any changes.

About Cookies:

A cookie is the name for a small file that is downloaded to a user’s devices when visiting certain websites. These cookies then get sent back to the website when you visit it again. Cookies allow a website to recognise a user’s device, and also you, the user. This in turn allows the website owner to give you a more ‘personalised experience’ when you use their websites.
A good example of a website that uses cookies to personalise your experience is Google. Google saves cookies on your computer to personalise searches every time you use their search engine.

Rastrick High School Cookies:

The Rastrick High School Website and the Rastrick High School Virtual Learning Platform (VLE) both use cookies for various reasons, the cookies used are as follows:

Session Cookies:

Session cookies are stored on your computer temporarily during a browser session. When the browser is closed the cookie is deleted from your computer, laptop or smartphone device. We have set our own session cookies on both the VLE and the website for analytical and tracking purposes.
This cookie does not store personal information so you cannot be identified by Rastrick High School. Analytics are used to help us improve our website and make sure it is meeting the user’s demands.

Persistent Cookies:

Persistent cookies are stored on a user’s device for a fixed period of time, generally a year and do not automatically delete themselves when the browser session is closed. The VLE set’s a persistent cookie every time you login to ensure a user’s access to the school network is secure and any other private/restricted areas and that security cannot be compromised. Users who browse the Rastrick High School website will also have this cookie set but it will not collect any data about a user, and blocking this cookie will not affect access to public areas. When a user logs out of the VLE this persistent cookie is randomised or nulled on log-out, so retains no user information for future use.
The VLE sets Persistent cookies when a user logs into the VLE, and also to track the number of visits to certain areas of the VLE. No user information is collected from this cookie.

Third Party Cookies:

Third Party cookies are not set directly by Rastrick High School & Sixth Form College, but by third-party providers.
Third Party Cookies may be set by providers whose services or functionality is embedded into the VLE or school website. Such providers include, but may not be limited to YouTube, Twitter, and WordPress. The provider of the school’s learning platform hosts a third-party widget store which is also used on the Rastrick High School VLE. Third Party resources will potentially set their own cookies.

Flash Cookies:

Rastrick High School uses Abode Flash Player to deliver some of its contents on the school website and the VLE. Adobe uses its own cookies. These cookies are not set via your browser like all the other cookies that have been described above. These types of cookies are used for similar purposes such as storing preferences or tracking users. Some web browser manufacturers are developing solutions to allow you to control these through your browser, but at the present time, if you wish to restrick or block Flash Cookies, then you must do this on the Adobe Website

Managing Cookies on the Rastrick High School Website and VLE:

The internet browser you use on your devices normally allows you to manage cookies. You can modify your browser settings to notify you when cookies are being set. You can also set it to accept or refuse all or some cookies. You can even delete cookies that have already been set.
Because each browser is different, the specific way you amend the settings for cookies will vary from browser to browser; the Help function within your browser should tell you how. Alternatively, you can visit About Cookies where you will find information on managing cookies on a wide variety of desktop browsers. On mobile devices, you may need to refer to the manual for that device for details on how to amend preferences.
When you view the Rastrick High School website, for the first time, you will be prompted to accept or decline cookies. If you accept, the cookie banner will disappear, should you wish to refuse cookies then a banner will remain on the site.
Disabling cookies when using the school website and the VLE may not allow you to make full use of all the website’s features and functionality; therefore, we would recommend that you keep cookie settings active when using the school website and the VLE.
To manage third party cookies, you may need to visit the websites of these websites.