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Photography & Filming Consent for Child/Young Person (age under 18)

We believe that the taking and use of photos and video can enhance the self-esteem of children and their families and is therefore something to be welcomed and appreciated.

We may take photos/video for a number of reasons whilst they are with us including:

• Documenting and recording education activities;
• Recording their learning and development progress;
• Recording special events and achievements.

This may include (but is not limited to), the right to use them in printed and online publicity, social media, press releases and funding applications. All effort will be made to restrict unauthorised use or sharing of our marketing materials and all content produced by us will be deemed as appropriate and suitable for purpose.

To comply with the Data Protection Act 1998, we need your permission before we take any photographs and/or film footage which may include your child.

We do however recognise that with the increase in use of technologies, particularly digitally and online, the potential for misuse has become greater and we understand that this can give rise to concern. We will therefore endeavour to put effective safeguards in place to protect children and young people by minimising risk.

We are mindful of the fact that some families may have reasons why protecting a child’s identity is a matter of particular anxiety. If you have special circumstances either now or at any time in the future which would affect your position regarding consent, please let us know immediately in writing.

The Information Commissioner recommends that written consent should be obtained from parents of a child, however, young people aged 12 or over, if deemed competent, can make the judgement themselves. Therefore, your child will also be responsible for informing the photographer if they do not have consent to be photographed/videoed.

Conditions of use:

  • The consent is valid for the period of time your child attends Rastrick High School & Sixth Form
  • We will not use the personal details or full names of any child in a photographic image or video, on social media, our website, in our prospectus or any other printed publications
  • If we use photographs of individual children then we will not use the name of that child in the photo/video, instead we will use general labels such as ‘Fabulous Artwork from our Year 10 Student’