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We recognise students who participate in extra-curricular activities and who contribute to the school and wider community.

Student Council

This year all students voted for Heads of Year and Heads of Form. This was done via a formal written application as well as video entries. All students then voted for a preferred student leader.

As a part of our new School Council body, students will meet throughout the year to discuss the most important issues of the school with the school’s leadership team.

What are we trying to accomplish?

At its core, our student leadership initiative has three aims:
  • Giving students the power to affect change in order to improve their experience of school life and develop their sense of community.
  • To offer students opportunities to develop key skills such as communication, leadership and teamwork that will serve them well in the future.
  • Foster students’ interest in democratic functions and develop their cultural capital.
Our goal is to have a fully functioning, representative body of students that are invested in working with all stakeholders to ensure their time at Rastrick High School is an outstanding experience.