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Year 10 Drama

Studying Drama in Year 10 has a focus on developing a range of basic and advanced theatrical techniques with students that are potentially new to Drama to develop their creativity and confidence on stage. In addition, they will explore set text to develop knowledge and understanding of drama and theatre and analyse and evaluate the work of live theatre-makers. Drama engages and encourages students to become confident performers and designers with the skills they need for a bright and successful future as well as helping them to gain important experience of teamwork and undertaking different roles.

Year 11 Drama

Studying Drama in year 11 allows students the opportunity to both consolidate and develop the knowledge and skills learnt in year 10. There is a focus on recall and regular feedback in order to develop students’ confidence and independence in the study of the subject. In addition, students study and perform a text individually or in small groups- this allows students to display the range of skills they have developed during their study of the subject.