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Year 7 Mathematics

Year 7 students will build on their work at primary school, gaining fluency with increasingly more varied and challenging types of number. They will gain a strong grounding in geometric and algebraic skills, as well as having plenty of opportunities to develop as confident problem solvers, able to articulate their mathematical reasoning.

Year 8 Mathematics

Year 8 students will take their skills from year 7 and build on them to deepen their fluency with increasingly more complex numbers and algebra. They will begin to appreciate the interconnected nature of Mathematics, applying their knowledge and skills to problems that require a more multidisciplined approach.

Year 9 Mathematics

The year 9 curriculum is designed to give students the opportunity to consolidate and extend their skills from year 7 and 8, and progress to the more advanced abstract skills and problem solving within geometry, number and algebra. This will ensure that students are truly ready to start their GCSE journey in year 10.