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Year 7 Spanish

With a focus on practical communication, students develop confidence using the 4 key skills in MFL (with a particular focus on speaking & listening) regardless of prior language learning. Students gain a strong grounding in the grammatical foundations of a foreign language as well as the ability to forge links between our own and foreign cultures.

Year 8 Spanish

Through a carefully sequenced curriculum, students will build on their work from Year 7, gaining further understanding of grammatical concepts through increased challenge, variety and fluency. Students will also have the opportunity to develop their cultural awareness by exploring topic which compare our own customs and traditions with those from the French and Spanish speaking world.

Year 9 Spanish

Students build on prior learning as they begin to articulate their views and opinions in a variety of complex time frames which, in turn, enables them to develop as confident communicators. Through the study of topics such as ‘healthy lifestyle’, ‘the environment’ and ‘jobs & future plans’, pupils build on their cultural capital by exploring a range of social and global issues relevant to them.