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Here is a guide to independent study at Rastrick. The amount and frequency may vary slightly throughout the year.

Supporting Your Child

It is important to note that you don’t need to be an expert in fractions, covalent bonding or Macbeth to support your child with their independent study. Here are the most effective ways that parents and carers can support their children with independent study at home:

1. Provide a clear, uncluttered and quiet space where your child can sit comfortably and study. Ideally, with a device that connects to the internet. If your child needs, there are ‘Study Clubs’ every lunch time and after school (15:30-16:30) where this can be accessed in school with teacher support.

2. All independent study is communicated on ClassCharts. Have ClassCharts installed on your phone, log in and check it regularly so you know what independent study has been set, and what the hand-in dates are. Also make sure your child has ClassCharts installed on their phone if they have one.

3. Help them stay organised to manage their independent study, so that work is manageable and hand-in dates are met.

4. Show enthusiastic curiosity. You don’t need to be an expert! Show a curious interest around what your child is working on and let them talk it through with you. Having someone to talk it through with can help consolidate learning.

5. Balance resilience with asking for support. Resilience, and not giving up easily is an important part of character development and this should be encouraged. However, it is important to recognise when your child needs to ask their teacher for help. In the first instance your child should seek support from their teacher in school. For anything further, you can contact the teacher directly via email.

Website Area Guidance

All the independent study platforms we use are simple to log in to. They all use your child’s Microsoft 365 school email and password with the exception of Languagenut, so there is no need to remember lots of different passwords. Languagenut usernames and passwords can be found in your child’s French or Spanish book.