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Rastrick High School & Sixth Form Year 7 Calderdale School Football Cup Winners

On 07/05/19 Rastrick High School won the Calderdale School Football Cup final against Lightcliffe Academy

The Year 7 team have played together since they joined Rastirck High School & Sixth Form.

During that time PE Teacher & year 7 Achievement Leader Mr Nalson has led the team on an unbeaten run in both League and Calderdale Schools Cup. Yesterday marks a big milestone and they now have a trophy to celebrate all the hard work they have put in.

We asked Mr Nalson

Tell us about your team Mr Nalson

The team have shown tremendous dedication ever since they joined our School. We have some very talented sports stars that we have had the pleasure of guiding and developing throughout their time with us.  The students joined us as individuals from a variety of different primary schools and they have now become the best year 7 team in Calderdale. Fantastic achievement and really proud of the teams journey so far.

What’s next Mr Nalson for your team?

In the short term we have the league grand final on the 20th May where the top two teams in the league compete the highly coveted Grand final trophy.

Looking forward to future I’m excited to work with these students all the way up to year 11 and see what they can achieve.

We asked Alex Baird, goalkeeper and man of the match

How did you find the game Alex?

Well, the first half was very one sided Lightcliffe started strong. I had to fight hard and make a lot of saves, thankfully a lot of their shots were going wide.

What was your highlight of the Calderdale School Football Cup?

The winning goal happened from my goal kick, it went straight over the other team’s defenders and into our striker who finished it first time.

Why do you think you got man of the match?

Referees told me I kept the team in it by making good saves. I think that helped boost my team’s morale and kept us pushing on.

How do you think the team performed?

Really well, we all have really good connections and we worked hard to get the win. We understand each other’s play styles and we all worked together, we helped each other