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Rastrick High School Sports Festival 2019

What is it?

Rastrick High School Sports Festival is a festival for our partner primary schools to experience a variety of different sporting activities at Rastrick high school.

What is it for?

It has been designed to give younger students a taste of secondary school, meet our teachers, peers and to get feel for Rastrick High Schools facilities.

What are the benefits of the event?

The event is focused around vital life skills for the younger students ahead of High School life.

These days help develop younger students confidence by meeting and competing with other students from a variety of different schools. Students develop the resilience and perseverance required to be successful in a range of sporting activities and important leadership skills by developing tactics and plans for their teams.

A big part of the day is focused on the future transition into high school and breaking down barriers between primary and secondary school. Due to the fantastic opportunity to meet key secondary school staff and familiarise themselves with the school and its facilities, it is hoped that the step from primary school to secondary school will be made much smaller.

When is the next one? We look forward to welcoming more of our primary schools to our next event on the 11/06/2019.

Dean Watson Assistant Head teacher commented. It was great to see so many students having a great time and making new friends ready for joining Rastrick in the future. Not only was there many future sports stars on show, the students also demonstrated some fantastic problem solving skills throughout the day which helped lead their teams to success. The enthusiasm and engagement of the students was excellent and we hope that the future events can replicate this success.

Thank you to Longroyde Primary School, Copley Primary School and Woodhouse Primary School for attending the Rastrick High School Sports Festival.