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Rastrick High School students get a taste of the manufacturing industry

Rastrick High School students attend the Make it Manufacturing event at the Shay Stadium in Halifax.

This event has been organised by CKMA, Calderdale and Kirklees Manufacturing Alliance and is aimed at raising aspirations and encouraging young people into manufacturing.

A large number of students expressed an interest in the manufacturing sector and this event allows students to meet some of the largest manufacturers from across the region and ask them anything ahead of them choosing their GCSE options.

Mr Wilson, Assistant Headteacher, Quality of Education commented;

“What a great opportunity for our students to meet employers, ask questions and get a feel for an industry. Our students are at a pivotal point in their lives as they will be picking their GCSE options shortly.

Events like this allow students to ask questions that matter to them and helps students to see if they are indeed interested and to find out what it will take to have a career in this industry.”

We caught up with Yr 9 student Ferdi and asked, what do you think of this event?

The event is a good insight into many jobs within many manufacturing companies. It is also a brilliant insight into technologies that (with some further development) could be used in the manufacturing of many everyday devices”.

What did you do during your time there?

“I was able to engage with lots of different companies and get some hands-on time with things like robot arms and titanium printers. Most importantly I was able to ask questions and find out how modern industry works.”

We asked Martin Booth, CKMA Chairman, why does this event exist? 

“We want to engage industry with schools!”

Events like this started in America and were called manufacturing week. They aim at getting industry and schools working closer together.

We realised that nothing like this was happening in Calderdale and Kirklees so we quickly decided we had to put on an event for our community. As a LEP industrial ambassador for schools, I was keen to push this forward.

Ultimately we aim to give students a true insight into the manufacturing industry and break away from Dickensian views of old machinery, grease and poorly lit factories. Manufacturing has very come a very long way and events like this give students opportunities to ask questions and to find out about the abundant and varied types of roles available in this sector.”

We asked an employer at the events, George from Orange Bikes, what do you think about this event? 

“It’s a good insight into how much local manufacturing there is and what it’s all about. It’s also a good chance for young people to get some ideas about what they might want to do in the future and likewise a way for manufacturers to meet the future generation. It’s nice to see such enthusiasm from the students and answer so many questions.”

Overall events like these are invaluable to our students and give them an insight and an opportunity to ask questions. Students can make a more personalised and informed choice for their GCSEs.