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Due to an increase in local cases, Calderdale Public Health is asking students, staff and their family members at local secondary schools to participate in extra surge testing for Covid-19.

Please read this information carefully for how this will work at Rastrick High School.

Throughout the pandemic, we have worked in tandem with Public Health England and Calderdale Public Health for guidance and support to ensure all decisions are made with the safety of our students and our staff in mind.

Currently, across Calderdale, there is a rapid increase in cases with the new “delta” variant. As a result of this, we have been contacted by Calderdale Public Health to initiate a programme of PCR surge testing.


The surge testing of all Rastrick High School students, parents/carers and staff will work as follows:

  1. On Wednesday, students will be provided with four PCR tests to take home for them and their immediate family to complete on Wednesday evening. You will need to register each PCR test online by clicking here.
  2. The completed tests must be returned to school on Thursday for collection by the Public Health Team.

  3. The test is the standard PCR test so will require both a nose and throat swab.

  4. This is completely voluntary and any families who do not wish to participate do not need to do so.

If either of the below statements applies to you, please let us know by completing the form  linked below:

  • if you do not wish for you or your family to participate in the programme please fill in the form linked below. If you do not complete the form, we will assume that you wish to participate.

  • if you require more than four PCR tests for your household, please inform us by using the form linked below.  If there are less than 4 members of your household (or you have multiple children in school) then you may keep any surplus tests for future use, they do not need to be returned to school.

Students and parents are not required to self-isolate whilst they are waiting for their test results. Students should still attend school as normal unless they have any Covid-19 symptoms.

    Please note that you should NOT complete a PCR test if you have already tested positive within the last 6 months.


    Click the button below to register a coronavirus (COVID-19) PCR swab test kit for you or someone else. PCR tests are different to rapid lateral flow tests. You must register your kit so test results can be sent to you. To register your PCR kit you must include the Unique Test Kit Barcode supplied with the test kit.  You will not require any other codes. Please follow the guide below for step by step instructions on how to register your PCR kit. Should you require support, please email or call the school for assistance.


    If you receive a positive notification for your child during the school day then please contact the school by telephone as soon as possible.

    We can then immediately start the process of contact tracing using the school procedure as directed by Public Health England. If a positive result is recorded on an evening or weekend please report it via email or on our school website.

    Self test image


    We have created a webpage with helpful guides and videos to watch to help you with your home testing. Please click the button below to find out more.