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Year 10 Music

Studying Music in Year 10 focusses on developing creative skills that are potentially new to most students.  Whilst most students begin the course as performers and will continue to develop their performance skills and experiences, they will also develop a range of compositional techniques allowing them to create their own original works.  Alongside this, they will explore various study pieces and their context, learning to analyse and evaluate both their own work and that of others, including that of established composers.

Year 11 Music

Studying Music in year 11 allows students the opportunity to both consolidate and develop the knowledge and skills learned in year 10. There is a focus on demonstrating the creative skills developed in year 10 through the composition of original music and performance of pre-existing pieces.  In addition, students demonstrate their appraisal skills through the study of set study pieces, whilst also applying the knowledge gained through the appraisal of pieces of unfamiliar music.  Music encourages students to become confident all-round musicians whilst developing sought after skills for the future.